About us…

Established in 2020 initially as a lockdown project, Bell Carve became an independent manufacturer of original handmade goods for sale in early 2021. We’re based in Herefordshire, England. We create all kinds of hand-made goods for retail, hospitality and the home.We work with different materials and combinations, from solid natural hardwoods and softwoods, to steel and epoxy resin to create a wide range of bespoke and unique items.

Crafted by hand.

Everything we make is hand-crafted with great care using the highest quality, responsibly sourced natural woods and environmentally positive raw materials to give you a truly unique product that’s built to last.

No two items are ever the same.

Bespoke Commercial Products

We make exclusive, small-run custom furniture, signage and tableware for the home, retail, corporate and hospitality industries.

With a background in graphic design and arts, the influence for our woodwork products is in the purity of form and function. With the beauty of art and the purpose of design, our heritage helps us create uniquely stylish, one-of-a-kind products for all.