Hi, This is a video put together quickly just to show a simple solid wood tablet and phone stand or tablet stand that we custom make in our workshop here at Bell Carve. Made from solid hardwood – in this case, poplar.

It’s a pretty simple yet elegant construction with around 20mm thickness and nothing glued together, just pure, unadulterated, natural hardwood from the finest sustainable sources, hand-crafted into a beautiful little desktop item that make life more elegant and convenient for you 🙂

The Bell Carve solid wood tablet and phone stand is available in 4 different finishes:

  • – Natural (Unwaxed)
  • – Rusty Cedar
  • – Antique
  • – Smooth Oak

We’ll post the links in this description when it’s listed on your favourite marketplaces and on our website for sale:

Buy online at Bell Carve: Solid Wood Tablet & Phone Stand – Bell Carve

It’s really popular amongst our offline customers and we’d be delighted to give you the chance to own it, too.

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Best regards,

Bell Carve


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