American Hardwoods are those which originate in North America and Canada. The most popular we use are:

According to the American Hardwood Information Center:

As a resource, American Hardwoods are abundant, renewing and sustainable, and an excellent choice for eco-effective design and building.

This Guide features 20 of the most abundant and most often used Hardwood species. In addition to the basics – where they grow, general description, and abundance – each Hardwood profile includes working and physical properties, availability, strength and mechanical properties, and main uses.

Additionally, each species is shown in clear, light, medium and dark finishes to help visualize stain combinations of flooring, cabinetry, moulding and furniture co-existing in a single design space.

The American Hardwood Export Council describes them handily as follows:

The hardwood forests of the eastern United States contain a wide range of temperate hardwood species, which have been managed for commercial and non-commercial purposes since the turn of the 20th century.

Their availability and characteristics vary according to growing regions but every American hardwood species is growing at a far greater rate than it is harvested. Few other countries can boast this level of success in the sustainability of its hardwood forests. The American hardwood forests support a vibrant, healthy and increasing stand of timber, as well as a large and diverse wildlife population.

Once harvested and milled, American hardwoods offer a great variety of colour, grain and character; from the warm, darker tones of red oak, cherry and alder to the lighter hues of maple, tulipwood and ash. Most of the species featured here can be used in a wide range of applications, from fine furniture to industrial sized structural panels.

We just know they’re great to work with and are sustainably sourced so we’re confident in their renewability as well as their fantastic rigidity and beautiful appearance. We love our American Hardwoods here at Bell Carve.